Ideas and concepts you can grasp

Besides digital mock-ups and simulations, creating physical working models, prototypes, and models of the different construction stages is a constituent part of the development phase. Alongside conceptual work and designing digital models, the building of corresponding physical working models and prototypes is a key area of expertise at in2p. By doing this, ideas and concepts can be examined early on and the complete product therefore verified in terms of production and functionality. Any improvements can thus be efficiently incorporated early on in the digital work.

Methods used

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Physical working models
  • Construction model
  • Show cars


  • Project management and coordination of suppliers
  • Designing equipment and test benches
  • Creation of complex assemblies also with sophisticated kinematics and/or materials such as textile, GFRP, and CFRP
  • Management of all common materials and manufacturing procedures
  • Setup of models for presentations