With testing, in2p rounds off its product development service and provides integrated supervision in the development of your project. We also carry out targeted testing and examinations of individual components, devices, and systems within existing development projects. At the same time, we take on the planning and design of test benches for components and devise test cycles, which we carry out scrupulously and holistically in order to evaluate the subsequent results.

The sum of our expertise not only supports you professionally in your project but also makes in2p a strong partner in a major phase towards bringing your product to serial maturity.

Benefits to you

  • Efficient reduction of developmental costs
  • Early-stage identification of deficiencies in the development process
  • The commitment of an experienced, interdisciplinary team
  • Comprehensive service from a single source


  • Construction of testing equipment
  • Specification of test cycles
  • Component test benches
  • Implementation of tests and monitoring
  • Evaluation and processing of results